Project Inventor & Target achiever:

This is a round the year vacancy, for PAN India, till each and every district got a skilled person with highly devoted to social work, full of missionary zeal, wants to change the society/part of it by using innovative method. We rather appreciate the candidate to start this innovation at his local area, whether that is remote village or a metro city.

One has to survey, analysis and innovate /develop a project on any social welfare scheme depending on local demand (health, education, environment, livelihood or other program) as per organizational aim & objective, with available resource and to raise resource or get it sponsored for managing the expenditure of the dream program/project, created a group to implement of the said program and to participate/guide/assist for achieving the target within a framed period.

Eligibility is confidence, experience, determination, missionary zeal for social welfare and related education will be added qualification, experienced or fresher and from any social strata & any discipline all welcome. Age is also not a bar.

For our organizational profile one can surf our URL:

If interested mail your CV with your personal & family back ground, experience, the complete innovative dream (description of subject, step wise working process, challenge may be faced, how to be resolved, target beneficiaries, time frame for a pilot program including visible benefits,) the program cost, excluding organizational corpus what else source you may think about and how u may attract those recourse or generate through the program itself for sustainability, minimum remuneration you may need for the starting phase etc to

Telephonic communication only be entertained after getting details of the innovation/dream.

Health professionals:

MBBS/BAMS/BUMS/BHMS doctor, ANM/GNM Nurse, both male/female experienced/ fresher and other health workers intend to do work for the betterment of society/nation, full of missionary zeal and innovative idea to ensure better health in preventive & prophylaxis area, also can apply with details of the dream/idea, along with educational certificate (and state council registration copy - Delhi or outside Delhi - for doctors/nurses only).


All are cordially invited to join us with your full/part of time, intelligence, ability and so on vibrate our society and shape India by empowering and enlightening the marginalized.


Institutions and individual may apply.

For applying:

Please contact through mail

For our work profile one may surf the URL:

You may contact at +91-9873343383, in between 6pm-8pm after sending the details.

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